Looking for the perfect table

Yesterday I got lost

I got lost in Ebay uk

I'm looking for the perfect table for my kitchen
I want something country but I can't find it in Ikea store

Nor in any other Italian shop
Maybe-I just don't know where to look for it

I learnt that she bought many items on internet-
Wonderful finds, the kind I'm looking for as well
So I went online and discovered ebay uk.

I don't like to buy on internet very  much
I'm a bit diffident
But when I saw what I saw
It seemed to me the perfect solution

The question is: would they deliver to Italy?
I'm not sure

Here what I found

A fantastic farmhouse table
I'd like also a round farmhouse table

But I also like this one so much (except for the hearts in the wood
-I'm not a heart-girl...)

It would be very hard to decide
Also because I've had a crazy idea
What about a garden table and chairs to add
something different to the kitchen?
I'm into this very option, I thought it was too unusual but
I saw it!!
It was L.O.V.E. at first sight...

Or at least somthing similar.

I think it would look perfect
in my kitchen

What do you think? To all my italian blog-friends
Do you know where it is possible to purchase farmhouse tables in Italy?
In the meanwhile, I will get my eyes open wide

I know that my table is waiting for me
And when I find it
I will never leave it!!

Have a lovely week xxx


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