Today I've thought it was over.....

Today I thought
"I will never see him anymore"

Dr. Shepherd

Do you have a kind of fiction addiction?
I have an addiction for Grey's Anatomy
I follow each episode from the very first one

The funny thing is
I hate blood
If I see blood I faint

In Grey's Anatomy you can see litres of blood
But still, I can't help it.
Each season it's a sort of heart attack!

Today I was able to see the last episodes of season 6
The season finale
It really took my breath away.

And it scared me,
today I thought I should never see him anymore
Can you believe?
For those who follow and love GA too-
you can understand what I'm talking about

Derek Shepherd is the soul of the fiction
It's our hero
Our prince charming
The one who makes us think
"He really exists"

I have a secret crush on Patrick Dempsey

Okay, now it's not secret anymore

And okay I lied-
Gerard Butler is not the only one I adore so much

But this is fiction right? Not reality,
so I'm allowed to dream BIG

And I decided that I can have more than one secret crush!

Isn't he gorgeous in this Versace campaign?

This is a nice way to wake up every blessed morning...
{Congrats to his wife!}

Patrick, take me away with you
I will raise your twins and children
and your dogs if you have any

What will happen in the next GA season?
I don't know but at least
I know that Derek will be still there.

{Patrick Dempsey}



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