I'm dreaming of France

I'm dreaming of France.
This weekend I had planned to go to Nice for a hard shopping session with my best friend,
but we had to postpone because of the weather. Did you see on tv the 6 mt high waves on the Promenade des Anglais? I was shocked!!!

I'm dreaming of France.
I believe that France puts a spell on you. Once you've been there, you shall come back soon or you fall ill. France is a second home to me.
The first time I've been to Paris I was 18 and on trip with school. Since then, I haven't been the same...something happened to me. I took a whole week to recover, and I'm not joking. Paris made me discover the world. It was my first time outside Italy, I think it was then that my passion for travelling begun. Paris means a lot to me.

I'm dreaming of France.
After Paris, I've been most enchanted by Normandy. One summer,  my friends and I where in Paris and took a train from Gare de Lyon (sweet words in mouth) and went to Giverny to visit Monet house. It was a dream come true, like walking in a painting. So, the next year we decided that Normandy was worthy of a complete journey. We were so fascinated by the country and the Seine. It was like living in a different world. We were not disappointed.

I'm dreaming of France.
There have been more trips to Paris and I thought that was enough for me, I was happy, but 3 years ago I discovered Provence.
Provence was one of those places I've always dreamt about. Lavender fields, soft lights, narrow streets full of ancient shops and boutiques, old people playing la Petanque in sunny afternoons, simple lunches made of wine and cheese. It was like Greece to Winckelmann, you know. Have you ever dreamt so much about a thing that you were almost scared to find that in reality it was not so special as you believed? Sometimes I do. But Provence was more than I expected. For me it's paradise. I think I could live there. Sometimes I dream to change my whole life and move there. Just like Peter Mayle, you know the writer...

I'm dreaming of France.
My longlast relationship with France is not over. At all. I've heard her call and could not resist, that's why as I told you already, I'm coming back next summer to Paris and Normandy with my friends. But since I miss her so much, it's urgent to me to have a small trip in French soil.
From Italy, when you pass Genoa and leave Italian boundary, at a certain point you see from the highway all the Cote d'Azur....It's a moment and in that moment your heart stop beating. When I first saw that amazing landscape I was so excited and thrilled that I got tears in my eyes. Something you never forget....

I'm dreaming of France.
Since I'm in the mood for a french retour, I want to post some photos of french interiors. They make me dream of mas and ancient buildings where everything seems possible...

And you, what are you dreaming of today?

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