A cottage in Hertfordshire

Today, I'm dreaming of my holidays in England I made two years ago.
The cottages, the small pretty gardens, the ancient villages,
The shops I would have emptied (I swear I didn't just because I wasn't travelling with
my car- I hadn't the courage to fill my friend's car boot....)-
Sometimes, I watch the photos and I'm captured by an intense nostalgy.
England has always been like a second home to me,
even before I was able to go to London for the very first time, I felt a strong attraction for this country.
And it was a great forecast love.

Who knows why we can be so attracted by a place so different from our birthplace?

Gertrude Stein said: " America is my country, but Paris is my hometown".
That's exactly how I feel.
Italy is my country, I'm Italian and I could never  live for so long outside Italy.
But England is a sort of "home of the heart", a place where my heart belongs to.

And as you well know already, one of my greatest dream is to have a small cozy cottage
like this very one.
Maybe even just for a long vacation.

Enjoy a lovely weekend you all xxx

images via Period Living


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