Christine Bauer

Hi girls!!
I'm back...I'm a bit crushed but the worse is gone now and I can't wait to go out of bed and home to breathe some  spring air ......Just....Where is spring air???? I didn't catch flu in January and got in May. Funny, isn't it? .....


Finally, tiles for bathrooms arrived..... but they were...wrong!! Could you believe it??? I got very angry at first for that but I decided to keep them anyway, since the colour is very similar to the ones I had chosen. I can't wait another month or more to have the right tiles. So works in the bathrooms have finally started. Yeeepppppeeeeeeey!!!!

Today i want to post these photos. I had seen them in an Italian magazine and just recently found Christine Bauer portfolio. I had forgotten them. How was it possible??? They really worth to be seen, at least one more time.

I want to say a big thank you for your sweetest words, your comments and blogs plenished these lazy days.... Have a lovely weekend dearest xxx


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