Happiness is around a table

I think that many moments of pure happiness in life
are the ones spent sitting at table.
Food is not only something that keeps you alive.
Food is one of the best things in life.
A good meal is joy for the heart and spirit.

I like cooking for other people,
I like to decorate  a table thinking of the people who will sit around it.
I have a sort of obsession about decorating a table, you know.

I like to match food with the right wine and so
I like to have the perfect glass for each wine,
or the perfect glass for each kind of beer
{you know that each type of wine and beer has its own glass}
and a glass for water
and a cocktail glass
or champagne flute
I really have an obsession for glasses...
For me they're never enough.

I like to serve meal in a fab tableware
and have a colour theme to be developped with
cutlery, tableclothes, napkins, glasses and flowers.

Therefore I have violet glasses, and white glasses, and green glasses.
Now I'm looking for pink glasses...

Some of the best moments I spent in my life were at a table with my friends.
Either you dine out
In a classy restaurant or a more rustic place like a pub-
Better if you dine at home
And everyone is eating and chatting and laughing-
No matter if it's just a breakfast or a 4 dishes dinner.
Those are the best moments, the ones I always think of with some regret.
You spend a whole day cooking and a few hours later is all gone.
But the memory of those precious moments remains in the time
and stays with us forever.

I chose those images of tables.
I love them all
They're colourful, happy, elegant, traditional,
But they really make me want to sit with my friends
And spend some more unforgettable moments.

house to home


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