I got lost in all this beauty

I found this blog and got lost in these images.
They're so romantic, this girl has a gift.

Images like these are a true balm to my soul.
Don't you ever think that in this ugly world
Beauty can save our spirit and mind?

Beauty is everywhere, all around us, we just shall learn
to see it.

Beauty is in the laugh of a child
In a sky filled with stars
In a sunset by the sea

Beauty is when we smile to a stranger with no reason
When a friend tells us the words we needed to hear

Beauty is in the embrace of someone we love
Beauty is in a simple flower that grows in the middle of

It's the smell of the rain and
a tree in autumn
Beauty is when you meet someone and you feel
at home.

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty—that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
- John Keats-


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