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Dear lovelies, today I'm happy because we have
a very special guest 

I've been thinking of her for a while 
I was a bit shy when I asked her to be  my guest star, you know
she's a myth to me
She is an inspiration for me since I discovered her.....
I am really addicted to her blog, each post of hers is a surprise-

She's much talented and no one can deny it
To me she's perfect in each thing she does-
 the way she writes
her photos
her baking ideas
 her style and her home
 her personal way of being the sweetest and funniest mother ever

 I'm not flattering her, my praise is sincere and I know that
all of you think the same
She's a special girl-

 I really want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart
for spending a bit of your time for me
 for letting me interview you (my very first interview!)
and be a guest star in my humble blog

Please say hello to Kasey from Lola B's

I'm pretty sure that you all know Kasey
She lives in a faboulous farmhouse in Illinois with her husband and 3 wonderful children

She used to have a shop
but her blog is now a diary of her
 life, style, travels and family


 Lately, you have certainly been stucked by her adventures with Kim and Simone (and Jeanpierre....) in France.

Now, let's get to know better Kasey

What inspired you to start a blog?

I actually started my blog when i had my little shop Lola B's. My blog was really just a way to let my customers know what was going on in our little world of retail.

Then i closed my shop and set up online. It was at that point that i really stared writing more and more about my life and family.

What you like most about blogging?

I love that i have a place to journal my thoughts....and i find that when i encounter certain situations there are other people that have encountered the same things so i don't feel so alone. I have loved the relationships i've my friend Kim {mimi charmante}....we went to France together...

but had only just met the year before and thru blogging.

It's amazing the people you can connect with.

Could you name a few blog friends
or a few blogs that inspire you?

I don't have any favorites....i have one's that i tend to read more frequently but can one choose just a few that inspire.

There are so many fabulous bloggers out there right now between the decorating blogs...the family life blogs ...and the style blogs.

I am always amazed at what i find.

Suggestions to any new blogger on how to make their blog as successful as yours...

Oh my! I don't think of my blog as succesful...but i thank you for the compliment!

I really just love to write and i write the exact same way as i think.

My suggestion to anyone authentic.

{And I think she really is!!}

Now, let's talk a bit about your house.
I know that when you moved to Illinois you wanted to establish in a farmhouse-
How did you know that your actual home was the right one?

I knew my house was the perfect one when i saw it listed online.

We were moving from Colorado to Illinois and had one weekend to peruse


I wanted old and charming.

This house is amazing....but small. Three finished

basement....a galley size kitchen...

but it's perfection.

Oh...have i mentioned the master closet?


What inspired you most in your home renovation?

We really have only renovated one room and it was the sunroom. We finished

it off to a four season room....painting the hardwood floors white and

painting the beadboard a french green.

I could live in that room, it's so sunny.

{another view of the sunroom}

Which room is your favourite?

Ha! a trick question.

I love my sunroom.....but i die for my closet.

But if i really had to pick a's the closet!

Name a thing you are particular proud of about 
 your home.

I love that because it's only makes us appreciate our family.
There is no place for the kids to run off where for someone to
storm off mad...
it's cozy and quaint.
It's a family home.

{love this chandie, just perfect}

Now, something about yourself....
5 words that describes you

Oh dear. goes:

How would you describe your style?
(you're a very fashionable woman!!)

I want to be able to walk into a room and feel confident. I love to feel
good about myself and i really
feel that if you take care of yourself {inside and out} that you will glow
from it.
I love the look of Anthropologie....but mixed with Target prices.

What inspires you in your daily life?

First and family.
I wake up to my 5 year old mugging doesn't get any better than
{then the kids go to school...and really....then it's my cup of coffee}

 {Lola's room}

You are mother of 3 wonderful children:
how is your typical day like?

I like to wake up before anyone's my quiet time....normally
around 6 am. I hop on the computer...
play catch up....then the kids get up and it's off to school for them.
My five year old Fin only goes to school for 2.5 hours then he's home with
me all afternoon.
We are always doing fun things like going into Chicago to the museums...or
bike rides in the summer....swimming.
It's a crazy hectic life right now.....but i love it.

Any dream left in a drawer....

There should always be one dream out there don't you think?
Otherwise...what's left in life?
I really would love to write more.....i don't know how...or when the
opportunity will present itself....
but so far i'm loving just doing it over on my blog.

all pics courtesly from Lola B's blog

I really could go on reading her writing all day long.
I'm sure she would be a great writer ;)

Thank you again Kasey for being such kind and generous
and letting me interview you

Lola B's
one girl talks


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