Photography lessons

Since I can remember, I've always had a passion for photography.

My mother bought me my first camera when I was an adolescent, but some years ago I bought to myself my first digital camera and last year my new nikon D60.

To start.

I didn't want to spend much money.
You know, i'm not so good with techonology and i've never been much attracted by photo retouching...but since i started blogging i've met some of the most fantastic photographers i've ever known.
Just two names among my favourites but i could make a long list:

{photos from Kimberly Taylor}


{photo by sadie olive - etsy}

I love their pics and i'm planning to buy some of their photos for my walls.
But the web is really full of these women who make miracles with a camera.

I was that fascinated that i converted and kneeled to photoshop... I'm also planning to buy florabella actions but i really need that someone teaches me to use it first...

Would any of you be so kind to help me and explain a few things???

I'm having some lessons you know, mainly private.
Private in the sense that I'm doing all by myself. I'm studing some things via internet, although as you all know the best learning is to practise and watch others.

You know who are some of my favourite "teachers"?

Yes, THEM!!
Nordic women....

I don't know, but they have a special gift. Or they have the perfect light ever.
The fact is: they're really good. All their photos have something special.

So, I enjoy finding new professional or non photographers.
This is one of my last discovery, her pics speak for her.

{photos courtesly anna malin blog}


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