Welcome to my nest

Hello readers!!

Finally I can show you some photos of my house.
Let me say, there's not so much to show yet....
Anyway, since most of you are curious and
write me lots of sweet mails about my house
here what I'm able to show you so far

This is my living room. It's very sunny and big. As you can see I inherited a bed....
I'm thinking about painting it in white, what do you think????

This is my kitchen's wall with new tiles. The opposite wall will be covered with
white wood boiserie. The walls are light vanilla. I will soon share with you my project for kitchen furniture....

Now the bathrooms
Bathroom n. 1


I know you can understand why I had a shock when I first saw it....
This bathroom has shower


Totally different.....The floor and walls are light pink now and
tiles are white!

Bathroom n.2

In this bathroom floor and tiles on the walls were grey....


Now the tiles are white  with a tone of pink. The floor is white.
As you can see there' s soooo much to clean.....
This bathroom will be painted in light lavender.
I wanted wood boiserie around the tub but I decided for the tiles since the house
is not mine and I would have spent too much....

This is my room.  The walls are in a white/vanilla.

As you can see we are still finishing to put parquet....
I hope we will be able to finish next Saturday!

And this is the small hallway heading to the second bedroom.

I hope to show you more very soon....
In the meanwhile, have a happy start of week


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