I've been tagged!!!

One of my newest blog friend 
tagged me for another blog game.
Thank you for tagging me, so much fun to play!!

The game theme is:
 Moth's Lucky 7
I had to find my 7th follower and pay homage.
I shall say that my followers photos a bit messed up but I'm sure that my 7th was her:

Kristin from A page of inspiration.

She was  one of my very first supporters in my new experience with her generous and kind comments
She's much sweet and has a lovely blog with many lovely photos and suggestions about travel spots. Her favourite place in the world is Paris!

She always make me dream with her hotels, tea rooms, spa, shopping cities she posts about.

{photos taken courtesly form Kristin blog}

I really would like to travel to Norway and meet her personally.
Maybe someday, who knows....

Please, visit Kristin and tell her I sent you!!

Now, I have to choose other 7 blogs.

You know how much I hate to choose among such extraordinary bloggers and friends. Anyway, this being the rules I thought about it and chose some of the bloggers who supported me a lot with their comments and affection from the very first beginning and during all these months.

So the ladies I'm tagging are:

{of course it's not an order by importance}

Enjoy and feel free to participate or not!!


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