My first Giveaway!!!

This adventure in blogging started a few months ago as a challenge with myself, in a period I felt not satisfied with my life, in a moment when many things were going wrong (and some still), in a time when I needed to think of something else, to do something about my creative interior life, to hope that things may change.

And something has happened. This blog gave me the courage to make things happen to my life: take home, search for a new job, start writing. All things I kept in a box because I felt it was not the moment, it was too difficult, not sure I would be able to...

But thanks to you, I know I can.

So I want to say thank you to all the wonderful ladies I met here, for their work and inspiration, their lovely comments, the fresh air they're bringing each day with their wonderful blogs.
So. In order to celebrate this adventure, my new home, the first 100 followers,  and the ones who will join.....

I declare open since now...


Gift #1
This home scent directly from

Gift #2

The latest number of
directly from England

Here a short preview of this wonderful number I adore
and full of english inspiration

Rules to participate:

 subscribe as a follower and have a first chance
leave  a comment and have a second chance
post a link back to me in your blog and have a third chance

Leave a comment for each of these steps and your name will be entered 3 times.

Ends Sunday 11th April


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