A little parenthesis from my home work in progress

Hello girls!!!
How is your week? Hope everything goes well.

My home works are a bit slow...
Tiles for bathrooms have  not arrived YET!!! I want to kill the one who selled them to me
for he assured me I could have them WITHOUT ANY DOUBT in a few days.
And this happened 3 weeks ago...

In the meanwhile, we are already painting the kitchen and the  bedroom
so soon I will be able to post some photos, I hope.

I've also buyed my first piece of furniture
a consolle from Maison du Monde
but it has not arrived yet...

I know that -as many of you keep write to me- are waiting for images of my home.
{Maybe some of you could doubt it's not true??...}
I'm sorry for that -I want to share everything as soon as possible with all of you.
In part I had no time, nor much for planning, in part I didn't want to show the house
at her worse conditions....
So I beg you to have some more patience...

In the meanwhile, I leave you some wondeful new pics
taken from Rachel Ashwell's site

Soon a very special guest on my blog!!!
A kiss for everyone xxx


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