Blog Game and a fab giveaway!!!!

My friend Vale from Les Cotrions invited me to a blog game: publish my photo #6 and remember the moment...

This was the photo, it was published in a post entirily dedicated to kitchen....It was one of my first posts. I had all these pictures in my computer, all kept for the moment I should plan my own house. At the time I still did not have a house. At the time I still did not imagine that I would have found a house in a few months....

This image still inspires me a lot: a shelf with some colourful cups hunged up, light walls (this is the colour I chose for my kitchen) and a little wooden table like this one (I found one from Ikea) where I can cook all my favourite recipes and try the new ones.

Now, I have to choose 10 more friends to participate to the game:

Fede from Country Kitty
Kristin from A page of inspiration
Flaviana from La maison des lilas
Anna from Lovely Home
Lara from Think Shabby
Silvia from CasaBella
Michela from Maison Charmante
Irene from Valdirose
Letizia from My sweet happy home

As you can see I chose almost all Italian girls, it's a tribute to them because they supported me when I started my blog and knew nothing, because they still give me precious suggestions, because they have lovely blogs and I know it will be fun for them as well... Girls, feel free to participate or not...

And now...

If you still have not visited Heather Bullard beautiful blog, you HAVE to hurry up because she has a GORGEOUS giveaway, and I'm not kidding....

This is not just a copy of
Shabby Chic Interiors

This is
THE copy
because it's signed by
Rachel Ashwell
in person

 But it's not all....

Check out in
Heather Bullard's blog
the other faboulous items



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