Me and my wedding

Usually, a girl thinks a lot about her wedding.

I don't


Well, not so much...

Maybe, it's because I'm still single.

[I'm not very lucky about men]

But I'm okay.

I have

my house

my family

wonderful friends

many interests

I realised many dreams all by myself

So I'm happy.

I've always believed that it's not wise

to wait for a man to make a woman happy

We are responsible for our own happiness

And I don't want to live my life waiting

I want to live


Some people think that I'm still single because I'm looking for

a perfect man.

That's- not- true!

I had my chances to get married...

Modestly, I received some serious proposals

But they were not ment for me,

and I was not ment for them.

I know that the perfect man does not exist.

And the physical look is not at all important for me.



Come on!!

I admit that physical attraction

is a bit important to me, okay??

Seriously, I want a man who is



someone who can see who really I am

I know that a man like this

does exist

He just doesn't find the right direction....

[If you meet him

could you please lend him a navigator-

-the Tom Tom Love???

I will be grateful...]

Last week, one of my dear friends got married.

She is 50

I said to myself- "girl, there's still hope"-


She made me think a bit about how I would like my wedding to be:

A great feast for anyone

 My darling friends all close  to me 

A beautiful location

Simple flowers all around

Round tables in a garden


An elegant dinner in a charming restaurant

A dreamy dress

A bouquet of peonies

Some French wine

Handmade cakes

Funny decorations

Nothing expensive, just something simple and


That will make of me the

happiest of a bride

[with utmost relief of my parents....]

And after the wedding

I will be ready for a new adventure

with the love of my life

Ready for holding hands in hard times

Ready to make our life romantic as our first dance

I will sit by his side and talk his silences

And I will never leave him alone

[dedicated to my future husband]

all photos from Once Wed


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