When a book meets reality

Sometimes, I read a book and this book becomes a sort of obsession.
His characters live in my reality and I keep thinking of them even after I closed
the very last page.

I like when it happens

Somehow, that book changes something in me.

Has it ever occurred to you?
One of these books that I love
 in every page, in every sentence, in every word is

I dreamt a lot over its pages.
It's a book about books, war, friendship.
And of course, it's a book about love.
A tender love story, but also
love for the human being.
A celebration to life.

It's moving, funny, romantic, witty.
Once you've started reading it, you cannot put it down.

I love when it happens

As I told you, some books become a part of me and they push me to do some
unreasonable things.
I cannot explain. You can understand if it happens to you as well.
Anyway, that's the reason why I decided that next August
I will step on board and will sail from Normandy towards
Guernsey Island....

Guernsey is an island of the English Channel, but
it's just an hour far from the Normandy coast.

I just can imagine all the stunning landscape that will open before my eyes.

I know that I won't meet Juliet, Dawsey, Amelia or Isola
and all the other unforgettable characters
but I'm far too curious about the places I've been dreaming about for so long.

Do you want to know a bit about the story?
Just a bit, because if you haven't read the book I suggest you to do.

Juliet is a 33 years old writer, lives in London  and it's 1946.
London is destroyed by the just finished WW
and Juliet is looking for inspiration for her new book.
But it's not easy to forget the war and be able to feel a human being again.

Juliet is wooed by an important American editor, Mark Reinolds.
They spend some time together, dancing for the most of times

With him, Juliet finds the way to smile again and feel a bit light-hearted.
Mark is a self-confident man, rich, handsome, has many projects for
Juliet, and she's flattered by his attention. Like any woman would.

But one day Juliet receives a letter from Guernsey, written by
Dawsey Adams, a young man who found one of Juliet's books of Charles Lamb.
They start writing each others and soon she receives letters
from each member of the so called
Potato Peel Pie Society.


Juliet gets more interested about the story of how this group founded
a literary society in a remote island during the war.

She becomes friends with many of them, they all tell her their
personal stories and soon she becomes a resident of the island
although she doesn't get aware of that until
she decides to take a boat and leave for Guernsey.

Here, she settles in a cottage by the sea

What she discovers about one of these members, how she decides to become a mother
and what will be the subject of her new book, well
you have to discover yourself...

I'm sure you're asking yourself about Dawsey Adams, are you??
Well,  he's a bit shy, very different from Mark.
Who will Juliet fall in love with between the two?

{Photos: #1 from web,# 2 visit guernsey, #3 web, #4 from the movie The edge of love,
#5,6,7 from the movie Atonement}



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