Oh no....cough, cough!

My sweet friend Zaira's PC is sick!  While she waits for its return she has requested that I (Beth @ The Ruby Blog) write a guest post!  I can't tell you how completely honored and nervous that I am that she asked me!
As you know, Zaira is just starting her new job after leaving one that she had for many years, this transition must be very exciting and scary all at once!  So, I thought I'd send some pretty pictures for her to enjoy!  I know you will join me in wishing her all the best in her new position!
So, Zaira, here is a little bit of pretty just for you!

I hope that your computer gets fixed quickly and that you thoroughly enjoy your new job!  Thank you for asking me to guest post but, like your readers, I am so anxious for your return! 
No one blogs like you do!

Thank you Beth
and thank you to all who are writing to me
Your support is


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