{Guest post} Privet and Holly

The gorgeous Z

It is such
a pleasure
to be writing
a guest post
for my dear
friend Zaira,
whom I often
just call "Z."
{I hope she
doesn't mind!}
Although I have
a decade plus
in years over
Z, she and I
are kindred spirits
when it comes
to anything British.
We love it!
Country Living
So, when I
recently came
across this
fabulous fashion
spread in the
Wall Street Journal
Magazine, I
thought of my
beautiful Italian
friend Zaira and
her not-found-yet
out-there-Mr. Darcy, my moniker for the ultimate soul mate!
Isn't he wonderful?
{After all, Colin Firth who plays Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones Diary married an Italian girl!} Here I present a romantic British country weekend for Z and Mr. D..... {With actor Peter Krause stepping in for Colin Firth!} Friday, he would pick her up in his cute little sports car.
Then, whisk her  away to a sweet country inn.
After settling in,  Z and Mr. D would hike the property whilst exercising his dogs.....
Appetites from all that walking lead to a delicious picnic lunch under a tree.
Love sonnets and fishing while drifting on the pond....
{Z's such a sport!} Riding anyone?
Mr. D will peruse the library {he loves to read, just like Z!} while she takes a  little rest before dinner.
Thinking deep thoughts about Miss Z
The evening begins with cocktails in the sitting room, before a roaring fire. Does it get  any better than  this?
Here's a toast to the fabulous Miss Z. May her life be filled  with only happy endings!
xx Suzanne
[images:  Zaira's blog Country Living Google Images WSJ Magazine]

this is the most funny guest post ever written for me
Thank you so much

Mr D. is soooo gorgeous

Read Suzanne's blog at
Yuo wont' regret it


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