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I'm thrilled to be able to introduce myself here and share my love for the sea! My name is Maya and I blog at Completely Coastal and Daily Vitamin Sea. I grew up in Switzerland, a beautiful but landlocked country, and living by the coast is a dream come true for me. my coastal home Every home is the reflection of the people who live there, My Sweet Coastal Home is no exception. seashell collection A picture of Brighton keeps the beaches of southern England alive where I traveled solo, exploring the coastline, equipped with my camera. I'm in love with England's beach culture of striped chairs and Beach Huts. photo lampshade After relocating the the United States I continued to photograph beaches and began to make photo lampshades from my pictures. I thought I was on to something, and within a year I created a website, selling my work, only to find out that I didn't enjoy most of the process involved, such as buying supplies, printing images, packaging and shipping. Then I discovered blogging! Of course I am a beachcomber as well..., and every once in a while I create something with my finds. If you visit Completely Coastal you will see that I love crafts, featuring a new project each week. shell wall art I turned a spare old closet door into Wall Art... ... and made a Shell Garland with my "lucky find", dozens of shells with perfect holes! A Lighthouse Pillow depicts nearby Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport, RI. model yacht And I love my simple Model Yacht but have yet to set foot on a real one. Thank you Zaira for having me on your beautiful blog, and I hope that you'll be back soon with a brand new PC!

a few lines from my office to say hello
I found that my collegue can fix my pc
I hope he can let me have it within the week
I'm really lost without it
without you

In the meanwhile I leave you
with some talented girls and their fab blogs!!!

Have a good week


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