The story of my blog

Today I want to tell you the story
of how my blog was born

Do you remember the precise moment
you decided
to start a blog?

I do

I was in a dark room
A cinema
I was watching
Julie & Julia

I think it's the only time
I enjoyed the movie
more than the book

For those who still haven't seen this
lovely movie
well, you should
Meryl Streep is great
There's much
witty dialogues
funny scenes
and lot of Paris

This is the true story of
Julie Powell
a bored and unsatisfied employee
who wants to be a writer
She opens a blog
The Julie/Julia Project
536 recipes/365 days

Her blog is a sudden success
she leaves her job and becomes
a writer
What she always wanted to be

I was sitting in my chair
and thinking
"what the hell is a blog?"
"Could I do it?"

I thought that a blog was a nice thing
to start a new life
{after I understood what the hell it was}
I didn't know where it could lead me
I still don't know
But since I opened it
many things have happened

This blog soon became my personal adventure
A new journey to meet the most importan person of my life


Sometimes I've lived my passions with guilt
I'm a pragmatic girl
I faced many hard moments in my life and
had to focus on the real things
Dreaming was a sort of waste of time

But I've learned -against myself
we can't deny our real nature for much long
If you are  a creative person or an artist
you remain that person
No matter how much you struggle to be a different one
This is you
There's nothing wrong or bad in that

Julia Child and Julie Powell
believed in themselves
They found their way
And never regretted

Now I can see for myself
many possibilities
I have faith
Where all this will lead me?
I don't know
This is the most interesting part.

Thanks to all of you  who
joined this exciting journey



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