I'm leaving for France.....

It's time for me
to go on vacation
A little break is what I really

Tomorrow I'm off
I will be in
on Wednesday morning
I've been missing from Paris
for 4 long years

I'm so excited!
I like to visit new places-
the feeling of new discovery-
Visit a place you've already been
Somewhere you fond of
Is like to meet an
old lover
You're somehow afraid that something may
heve changed
That you won't share the same feeling
Tha you may not recognize him

But no,
the time your eyes meet again
You know that nothing has changed
And time never passed...
That happens to me
some well-known places

From Paris
I will take a short journey through Normandy
and settle in a little cottage by the sea
in the  Manche region
And on our way back to Italy
a must stop in Borgogne

I'm really looking forward to
Guernsey island
Open-door breakfasts
Picnics by the sea
Pretty historic villages
Petit pains au chocolat
Quiche Lorraine
Paris home shopping
La Tour Eiffel
Walking with my camera and think of nothing else
Joyful chatting with my friends

I leave you for about
10 days
You can find me over at
in the next days

{images eva lindh}

I will be missing you
Meet me in 10 days
with tales about vacation
and many many photos

Au revoir


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