Have a lovely weekend

Another week over.
Friday again.

What are your plans for the weekend?

I'm off for a few days
I really need to put a distance between me and
my recent events.
I need to breathe a different air.

Two days of
mental freedom.

And you, what did you plan for the weekend?

Maybe, a short trip like me-
don't you think it's fun to be a tourist? I do.

Or stay in bed as long as you can

Or take your bike and have a ride with some friends

Go to the seaside and lay on the beach

Maybe you will play with your kids in the garden

What about trying a new recipe?

There's always so much to do
at home, maybe you have to do the laundry

But if it's sunny you'd rather go out and have a walk
with your dog

Or do some shopping which is always a great adventure...

 I would like to make a picnic

And lay on the grass reading a good book

 I wish you to share precious moments-
no matter what you decide to do
no matter what the weather will be
The most important thing is to have those you love
by your side.


A tutte le mie lettrici italiane, vi auguro un felice weekend,
io starò via per qualche giorno, ho bisogno di allontanarmi
fisicamente e mentalmente dagli eventi dell'ultima settimana.
Speriamo ci sia il sole, ma in caso contrario, spero che possiate
comunque trascorrere momenti felici con coloro che amate.


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