My camera and me

Today I took my camera out of the closet.

It was a great emotion. My hands trembled as I opened the case and let her get out of it. I turned her on, I looked in her eye and suddenly I remembered how it felt to watch the world throught her lens.

Why, I ask myself, why are we so easy disposed to recall all the bad things we did or spoke or fancied about ourselves but we seldom believe in what we have gifted. Why???

Take my exemple.
I love doing so many things that I always finish... in not doing anything...
I love writing? I ask myself: what shall I write about?
I love taking photos? I tell myself: it takes too much time to learn properly.
I love painting? I have no much spare time  nor much spare space to do it.
I love singing? Someone sings better than me.
And the list could go on.

But now the music changes.

Now I understood that we cannot ignore our gifts. It's a crime. We spend our energy in denying our artistic or creative attitudes. But if we employ that time to improve or learn or apply to our interests and passions how better painters, singers, writers or photographers could we be... That's exactly what I want to do and want to be. No more waste of time. I decided to remember to myself what I already am and become it finally.

That's why today I took my camera out of my closet.

After many months (too many indeed) I looked at her and she looked at me and we made a pact: I promised to her that I will never never never never close her in a wardrobe anymore.........


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