Introducing Lilla Kullan

Some days ago I bought the new number of a nice magazine called Casa Chic: at page 85 I found the fantastic images of a nordic house, Swedish to be precise, and it was LOVE at first sight.

I could not prevent myself having a tour in STINA's blog LILLA KULLAN...
I read her story with the translator all in an afternoon and I can tell you that she is a wonderful person. Read her posts and you will meet a person full of sense of humour, very sensitive and clever. You surely will be soon very fond of her.

Look at the pictures of her house and tell me if she doesn't have a special touch for interior living...

A big thank you to Stina for allowing me share your photo on my blog, it's such a honour.

Enjoy xxx

The Kitchen

Want more photos? Let's move in the living room...

Aren't you already fond of this house??? I am, I adore every detail. There's so much to be inspired by Stina. Now some pics from bedrooms.

It was really hard to choose a few photos, so check more in Stina blog:


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