Things to do

Dear all, are you planning your weekend? There are always so many things to do that we don't know where to start. But sometimes it's good also to have some lazy moments, like reading in bed in pijama... Anyway, here my to do list for these two days:
  • do some ironing
  • paint my bedside table in shabby style
  • clean and tidy my room
  • choose the photos of my last holidays still to be printed
I will also search for new tips to share with you on my blog. I am really addicted by now and I have a lot of ideas that hope to share within next week.
As you can see, I finally have my button and I have also my profile on facebook, so become my friends and follow me there as well. You can also sbuscribe to Theblogfrog which helps you keep in touch with your favourite blogs....and I hope also with me of course!!!

And the amusement? Well, I hope to go to the cinema to see some good movie...

I wish you all a happy weekend


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