Interior photography

When I started blogging, I really didn't imagine that it could become such a passion. So far I was intrigued basically by country and english interiors, and did not know much about shabby, gustavian, swedish or french styles...Better, I liked already many of those but could not name them.

And I discovered interior photography.
I've always been so much interested in landscape and monument photography. How could I imagine that taking pictures to things could be so poetic? Well, it is in fact. And I learned to look at objects around me in a different way.

So, I've made some research and I found a world of incredible gifted photographers that I need to narrate and show to you.

Please, If you find any references to interior photography share with me. I'll be very glad to know more about these artists of the camera.

Let's start with Rachel Whiting I love love love her pics.
And you??


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